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Broken Hearts info added

I finally got the time to add the project information on Broken Hearts. I would have added the future projects page, but since I have a paper to work on I would have to do that on another day. For the meantime, we’re looking for translators willing to work on STEAMY Katekyo Hitman Reborn! doujinshi. ^_^

Broken Hearts

Author/Circle: Missing Link
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Pair/s: Sephiroth x Cloud
Releases: Oneshot

Description: Seems like Cloud went out by himself and when he got back to their quarters/home, Sephiroth is really mad at him. To calm him down, Cloud starts stripping and teases Sephiroth. That worked. The following day, Zack was called by Heidigger regarding a previous mission which he seems to be mad about. So Zack tries what Cloud did to Sephiroth. O_o

Download: Oneshot

I Wish Upon a Star and Broken Hearts

We just released Broken Hearts, a FFVII doujinshi, and the last part of the PoT doujinshi I Wish Upon a Star. They will be available in IRC only for the meantime. Please visit our IRC channel and grab the releases from our bot courtesy of the most awesome Leha. ^_^

Project info for Broken Hearts will be available later as well as for 3 upcoming doujinshi. Again, we need translators!

Updated I Wish Upon a Star

I updated the information page of I Wish Upon a Star. You can download the doujinshi from our IRC channel. The last part of the doujinshi is almost done! YES! It just needs to be quality-checked. ^_^

Oh, I also updated the Current Projects section. I noticed just now that the other projects cannot be viewed. O_o I’ll probably fix it again next time, but the next/previous pages will do for now.